Oprah is an evil BITCH! She once denied the make a Wish Foundation when a kid with cancer's dying wish was to meet oprah she denied him and she wasn't even busy. SHE IS A DEVIL!
I hate Oprah so god damn much
by amimal22 October 19, 2007
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The leader of the most successful cult in the history of the world
Person 1: why are you doing that?

Person 2: because Oprah told me too, oprah knows ALL!!!!!
by oprahismycultlearder May 15, 2009
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The term "oprah" refers to an individual who sucks all that is positive and useful out of life. Can also refer to a scam or fraud. This term can be used as a noun or verb.
"I think I'll just sit here and oprah my life away, I feel I deserve it."
"You should fire that oprah, he certainly doesn't serve to forward the business any, he just sits and whines about how he's gotten such a raw deal and deserves compensation for this so-called oppression."
by Aaron Holst March 10, 2006
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a fugly bitch who walks around saying "LET'S SAVE THE WORLD!!" then does nothing about it and makes milions of dollars!!
do you wanna watch Oprah with me?

i'd rather have an orgy with lion, tiger, and bear and yell oh my! on camera
by Kelsey the PImp June 30, 2006
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The female equivalent of a sugar daddy. A woman who takes care of her man while he just spends her money.
"Man, every time I go out, I'm spending all this money on these females. I'm trying to get that Oprah dawg!"
by Milk Money Elli May 19, 2009
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A African American female who lives and works in Chicago for Harpo Studios. Is very affluent and rich. Sheis a good hearted person but her shows feminist agenda can get very annoying. Her Show is usually about something tragic,hopeful,inspiring,recent, trendy,or fun. She usually has some sort of guest. She likes too tell jokes but they usually aren't too funny, but don't tell that too soccer moms.

Overall: A little bit of a Fem Nazi but not a bad woman.
Oprah kinda annoys me but I respect her nonetheless.
by Unresponsive Bee Victim July 08, 2005
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An over wieght white lady in black face.Makes billions and gives away tons of free shit!Loved by tons of white middle aged soccer moms.Cuts her guests off when they talk,and always says "Yea","Mmmhmmm","Yea" during a conversation.
And blacks aren't aloud in the studio audience.
"You get a car,you get a car,you get a car,you get a car,you get a car,YES,YES,YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Truth904 July 05, 2006
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