A majestic being that is pure in all ways

but always misjudged by her looks.

People who brings her down r just jealous.
Dini is fabulous
by Baith December 26, 2016
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A Romanian sexual position which involves a man putting weed (cannabis) into another males foreskin and lighting up
Man I gave u a good dini last night
by Wamiscat69 October 05, 2019
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Someone who is friendly and cheerful. Creative and love arts. Passionate person somehow a perfectionist, optimism and determine. Strong in the inside. Love cute stuffs especially panda. Does his/her way to show he/she care to someone. And a faithful friend.
by Panda stark March 14, 2017
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Contrary to popular belief, 'dini' does not mean a mentally challenged person, but is a noun used to describe a smart,hot sex goddess.
Chuck: WOW! She's definitely a perfect 10!
Norris: Yeah, a real Dini for sure!
by Dan the Man3113 September 04, 2006
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Adjective: Used to describe a person of immensely muscular physical build. Implies that the person (or in some cases object) being described is assumed to wield an incredible amount of force and/or power. A 'diny' person is usually one who is known for frequenting the gym often, in hopes of increasing his/her muscle mass. A person with a 'diny' personality is also inclined to sport expensive, brand name jeans to show his/her icredible fashion sense, tight shirts that accentuate his/her muscular physique, and a red diny band to make his/herself look just straight fucking gangsta!
1)Describing a person:
-Hyun: My, that fellow yonder seems rather diny, wouldn't you agree.
-Woo: Indeed. Yet, surely we ouselves are rather diny as well, are we not?
by Suberatu February 02, 2007
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Dinie is your best friend's boyfriend. He's a great person but a why individual he's much more cool then your boyfriend.
Friend 1: omg did you see dinie today?
Friend 2: shut up! That's putri's boyfriend!
by Pottimyslotty December 13, 2019
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DINI is an acronym that stands for "Delete If Not Interested" and is commonly attached in email/subject headings, prior to the actual subject.

subject: "DINI: Mega Iconic Lazy Yellow Soft Mattress"
This mattress is being sold by Maria and her man, so contact them for details on this soft, affordable mattress!
by nechash March 31, 2018
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