To be in a dominating position where one has total or a large share of control over an industry, business, enterprise or most often a drug spot.

Chump: Yo look at that Escalade on 22s, that must be the cash money millionaires
Lil Nigga: Nah that's poppi, he runs shit down on 25th son


"You think this is a joke motherfucker? I RUN shit, not you. The game is MINE! (shoots competition in the face)"
by wza August 6, 2005
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The act of being in charge, to take control.
Did you see Bethany running shit the other day at work when Terri and Jess got into a fight?
by bkv2 April 5, 2013
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Thinking you're too cool; and you often have sex Cami Style.
Crushing an apple on your own head to intimidate an upper classman.

Ex: "Oh my god do you see Joey? He is totally running shit!"
by JoeyWarren123 January 2, 2012
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usually happens while walking around a mall, school, or house. starts with a walking fart, then quickly turns to the running shits. these are something not for the weak at stomach, however stomach flu can make them much worse. sometimes referred to as the trots, or explosive diarreah.
omg me and charles were walking around the mall the other day, he got the walking farts and then suddenly he had the running shits.
by sweetontweety7777 April 17, 2009
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expression for "give it to me (now)"
usually used in the context of robbery
So I pulled out my toolie and i aimed it at her lip. I said earrings and the stereo, run that shit!
by peanuts and corn March 21, 2006
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Usualy by the time you actually hear this phrase verbally you figure out what it means within a few seconds or you die. Usually said when someone is taking something". Most likely used in a very forceful context.
"Gimme your jacket, Bitch! Run that shit!"

"Run that Watch,playa"
by rondizzle February 27, 2006
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To have control of the people and the way they act in your current situation.
I run this shit
She runs this shit
You don't run shit.
seevanity Luciano
Snoop dogg
by Runnin' This shit. April 25, 2005
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