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when you work your ass off to get shit done
Dini: Have you started working on college apps yet? The deadline is in four days.
Gabby: Not really, I haven’t started any of the essays yet.
Dini: Shit, you’ve gotta grind girl!
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by ur b1tch October 28, 2019

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whenever you’re doing stupid, unexplainable shit, you’re definitely experiencing crackhead hours. often, they begin as a result of being sleep deprived or just being really fucking stupid

*Note: Crackhead hours experiences range from person to person and are often heightened by the presence of friends.
Crackhead hours hit hard last night- I was deadass swimming on the floor.
by ur b1tch October 24, 2019

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an adjective used to refer to something crazy, weird, and/or unbelievable
Amir: Yo, did you see mr. brown break dancing in his cow costume?
Zach: Yeah, that was wack bro
by ur b1tch November 22, 2019

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someone who is down for anything. they’re adventurous & spontaneous, and will always be the first to take on any dare
Bryan: “What are the odds you’d send it down the sledding hill on skies while naked?”
Nick: “1 in 1 bro, I’ll just do it.”
Owen: “Damn what a sender”
by ur b1tch October 24, 2019

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an og sender and old soul who partied a little too hard in the 60s, traveled the world as a writer and photographer and now teaches teens at a school for hippies in the Northwoods
Quotes from Jeff:

“If you remember the 60s, you weren’t there”

“I don’t know how to pass out papers, I never went to teacher school”
*throws papers across the room for students*

“I’m an english teacher and that looks like about 12ft to me,” says Jeff as he instructs his students to climb 50ft up a tree for an english lesson
by ur b1tch November 22, 2019

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a nickname for a turtleneck. there’s a pretty good chance a girl recently hooked up w someone when she’s wearing one
Anna: Fuck dude can I borrow a hickey hider for school tmr?
Emily: Of course, I gotchu girl. Did you hook up with Tyson again last night?
Anna: Maybe...
by ur b1tch November 27, 2019

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it’s funny I just don’t remember what happened then...
“If you remember the 60s, you weren’t there”
by ur b1tch November 22, 2019

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