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An old t-shirt used to clean up masturbated ejaculate. Kislers often go long periods of time without being washed.
A friend of mine accidentally wore his kisler to school yesterday. Sick!
by Gormonster February 05, 2010

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The opposite of "sarcasm". Often used when countering a false charge of sarcasm.
Nah baby, it's not like that. When I said that your pink hat looked dope, it wasn't sarcasm at all. It was honestcasm! For reals though.
by Gormonster January 03, 2011

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To sell illegal drugs late at night.
You want to pick up now? At this time of night? Nah, dawg. I don't know anyone who's on the grind in this area.
by Gormonster January 11, 2011

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