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the feeling you get when the effects of adderol reach their peak. completely focused
im so gripped on this term paper right now
by etopp June 07, 2010
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A term used to describe the act of playing Call of Duty. However, in order to be truly on the grind, you must not only experience the insatiable urge to do work, but also run shit for at least 2 hours. You cant be on the grind, or grinding, if you play any less. And for most of us, we'll stay on the grind a lot longer.
(a)"You off work yet?"
(b)"Yeah, just got home."
(a)"You on the grind?"
(b)"You know it, been murkin scrubs."

(a)*cough cough cough*-"Damn that shit is fire"
(b)"Time to get on the grind"
(a)"No doubt. The sticks are calling"
by etopp June 22, 2010
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