Omp means “On my pussy
Billy: omg Becky your omd !
Becky: Well billy your omp !
by Princess of meow May 16, 2022
OMP is short for oh my pussy it is used when you are having an orgasm in sex
oh charles your so good omp
by Bavin Hoolii June 23, 2019
The Oxygen Mask Principle is well known for anyone who has paid attention to the security demonstration carried out before every commercial flight: If the cabin loses pressure, oxygen masks will fall from above. You are to place yours on yourself before trying to help others.
Wife: What were you thinking, your whole family is starving and the first thing you do at the restaurant is order for yourself?

You: Well, OMP.
by U751 March 26, 2021
On my period
Can't fuck rn, I'm omp.
by Yuhbitch July 7, 2017
Stands for Oh My pickles

Used instead of a cuss word
John - Ahh, I broke my hand

Regan- Omp (oh my pickles ) !! Are u ok ??”
by John Brown-Homer February 6, 2019