Stands for On My Phone. Commonly used to account for slower responses when IMing from a phone.
Nick: I might not respond right away. Omp.
by rb20 June 1, 2011
Old man pusher. A twenty-something female who encourages her friends to date older men. Reasons may include monetary benefits, gray hair fetish, etc.
I was making out with that 44-year-old last night at the bar because Alison told me he was perfect for me. She is such an OMP!
by nance12345 January 8, 2008
to eat the cruch out of a low flying duck!
"Im so hungry i could eat te cruch out of a low flying duck.... omp"
by choad rider April 19, 2003
Like "nom nom nom" but more obnoxious. It should always be capitalized: OMP OMP OMP.
Ya we POUNDED that Country Kitchen Buffet. OMP OMP OMP, ya heard!
by intjudo_ December 11, 2008
On my period
I would go swimming today but I'm pretty sure I'm omp
by bet404 June 11, 2017