Someone cracked their head open and their guts flew everywhere, this would be a perfect time to say..... OMP
by Lolzorzomgfoomgomp May 8, 2010
derivative of OMG: OH MAH PEH

With icanhascheezburger dialect for effect.

A reaction of profound indifference. Inasmuch OMG expresses surprise OMP should suggest complete lack of disregard towards the matter at hand.
What color paint do you want for the dining room?


Nuff said.
by iwrotethissongalongtimeago November 13, 2008
Like OMG it is an exclamation used when having an online conversation. However while OMG stands for "Oh my god", OMP stands for "Oh My Pete", which means about the same thing, as Pete Doherty is God.
Tollie: OMP!!!! I loves Pete!!!
by Tollie December 31, 2005
One Man Party also known as OMP is a term coined by visionary/creative genius Nick R. Walker. A graphic designer/writer/illustrator/musician/puppeteer/horticulturist,and also a huge fucking loner based out of Pittsburgh, PA. verb. When one "omps" they proceed to participate in "events" that are executed in a singular peerless fashion. To omp-omping-omped-omped out. ®
Dude, I OMPed like a fucking rockstar last night!! I don't remember anything other than building a fire in my front yard at 3am, talking to some ghosts, and running around making meerkate noises.
by Jimmy Flipper August 3, 2012
(Verb) To be a cock-block.

(Noun) A person who kills a romantic mood between two people because he has nothing better to do.

(Noun/Verb) To be that thing from Mario.
"I was on my bed with my girlfriend ready to get into it when David called asking to hang out together with us. Fucking chomp-omp!"
by Farewellking1 June 4, 2009
Ompe - a person who got abandoned by his parents and has no pfs other than mars+
Hey bro stop acting like ompe
you trilled out like ompe
by Ompe9134 February 11, 2021