1. an expresion of suprise.
2. a response to a suprising situation/coment/picture.
3. a conversation scapegoat.
4. a sarcastic reponse.
5. see oh dear
6. see jonathan costa
7. an old person term.
Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ham_sandwich August 11, 2003
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'Oh my...ankle'
by DeeDub November 4, 2003
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when you are going to drink you call it oh my
hey are we gonna oh my at jons house tonight
by taylor June 15, 2003
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you say this when you are asking about whats going on this weekend (party wise).
by bob June 5, 2003
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downtown miami slang: the utmost form of flattery, particular spoken when a smoking hot woman walks by
every time she walks by my desk I say "oh my, oh my"
by baghdassarian December 19, 2009
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Used when the shit hits the fan and both "Oh my god!" and "Oh no!" are required.

Generally used by girls from Stevenage and guys who work for large Retail Instituations, ie Tesco
George: Did you hear that Bertie had a three's up with Charlie and Betty?
Sam: Oh my no! What a dirty skanky 'ho
by Fnark May 22, 2006
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A meme-level expression used in response to anything sexually pleasing/enticing, whether it is an image, video, song, or written content.

It is most commonly used as a simple image macro featuring George Takei; the meme itself probably originated from instances of Takei saying "Oh, my!" in response to sexy stuff, especially on the Howard Stern show.
Howard Stern: Hey Jonah, let's see that gigantic penis of yours.
Jonah Falcon: K. *whips out 13-incher.*
George Takei: Oh my! :
by Dr. Dick Delaware April 18, 2012
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