he came over and i OMP
by ahhh lil bih August 17, 2019
1. "On My Peroid"
2. "On My Phone"
1. Ugh, I'm OMP again.
2. Ok, i'll just be OMP.
by xlehlahnix May 3, 2019
Oh my pants; When you find someone so hot that is makes you literally want to take your pants off right then and there.
by wohencenski January 16, 2016
yes but no but honestly i don't give a fuck and your to annoying for me to say i don't care so yomp
Kalie the simp: oh my god yesterday my boyfriend was being so rude i cant believe he actually told me to go fuck myself

Drew: yomp i totally agree
by PotatoMastah March 11, 2021
And i was like: oh my potterness!!!
by shayhayhayhay November 28, 2011
Person: Are you busy
Me: Yes im omp
by iamnickiminaj April 12, 2022