Short for Opps Messy Poops.

Established-2007 thru 2008


While you are out in public and you have to take a poop AKA a shit you must first find the nearest public restroom and go into a empty stall and make sure the restooom is fairly empty, go as if you were going to take a normal poop, but instead of sitting down you straddle the toilet and shit everywhere thus making a total mess out of the bathroom. After there is shit all over the place wipe yourself and just leave, but make sure the coast is clear!
Alex- Steven are you going to let that person talk to you like that?
Steven- Bro what should I do?
Alex- Ask to use his bathroom and do an OMP

shit dump gross nasty payback
by pplace05 July 30, 2009
To eat. An onomatopoeic of a bite sound; like pacman.
Its lunch time lets go omp.
by ssftable September 30, 2003
Noun: an initialism for "Oh My Poppy!" a phrase that's used by fans of musician/YouTuber Poppy (aka Moriah Pereira) as an exclamation of shock, happiness or surprise . It has the same meaning as OMG.
OMP I am about to meet Poppy. I hope she still likes me after I cry and die from embarrassment
by humanistsFTW March 24, 2019
An acronym: A way of saying oh my god, without using the lords name in vain, OH MY PENIS! Its funny too
OMP! Nora is in the hospital
by Neil Johnson August 28, 2007
Oh My Pickles
A.k.a OMP
A phrase and Acronym only Moraya T. can use.

Exclamatory word used in excitement, disappointment or anything she wants
Omp! That’s amazing
by NeTiLe February 5, 2019
Ollie Maitland Pose- A pose in which both thumbs are up, elbows together with squinted eyes and a cheesy grin.
by charlie's unicorn April 13, 2011
An omp is 1/2 glomp. What exactly is 1/2 a glomp. Its the glomp without the back shattering collision with the floor. It's an overly aggressive hug in which the victim's feet may or may not leave the ground. The person performing the omp is the omper while the person being targeted is deemed the ompee.
Sara squealed as Bobby ran up to her and omped her.

Susie asked Mike for a hug but instead she got an omp.
by DragonDeath April 26, 2011