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A amazing girl who is sceptical of her body but is really fit and kind ,she is also careing and puts her over people first and then herself .however u must know her really well in order to know if she is alright because she is a master of hideing her feelings. She forgives really easily and rarely dislikes people
Do u kbiw whats beautiful and is a girl

by The good guy 123 September 01, 2018
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A girl who has a very bubbly personality and is very talkative. Sometimes she can be a bit loud, and is really random. However, she is very loyal and kind to everyone.
Hello poppy! There's Poppy!
by Cathy35 July 01, 2017
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Poppy is absolutely stunning, although she chooses to deny the fact that she looks like a model, with an incredible figure, shining hair, long legs, and trusting hazel eyes.
She isn't just beautiful, but intelligent as well, and generally aces most tests while barely trying at all.
However, she is extremely quiet, due to the fact that she is hiding something big. She gets upset easily. Don't hurt her feelings, or she will always remember.
Dude, your girlfriend is hot, smart but doesn't say much. She's a Poppy!
by WooferDog February 18, 2013
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a girl who is both good looking and intelligent.
"that babe, Poppy, she's so hot"
£yeah she also got an A on that quiz"
by yoyoyoyohun April 27, 2009
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A girl who dyes her hair a lot! Is easily to get along with, but comes along as quiet when you first meet her, but then you get to know her

and she is completely crazy, hyper and dare devil, most Poppy's are from England or Ireland, she is trust worthy and never lets anyone

down, she is someone who is a good best friend to have, if your friend is poppy, stay close to her, she is smart, most likely to be rich
and have a good job when she is older, she is good at hiding her feelings, hates crying in front of people, Good at dancing and most
likely to have an amazing voice! most Poppy's are girlfriends to boys who are jerks, or bad for them, because they are attracted
to bad boys, and never notice the boys who have real feelings for them, She has an amazing personality and is dead gorgeous, but

be careful, she is a heart breaker, she only has one boy she will only care for and wont hurt, and if your not him, dont waste your time
also most Poppy's turn out being models, because there dangerous beautiful, or an actress, they know how to pretend to be someone else their not..
Your lucky if your close with a poppy.
Hey dude who's that girl poppy

dont waste your time, she is a heart breaker

but she is beautiful..
by Lucy Richard November 03, 2013
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a really beautiful, hot girl who is intelligent, clever, kind and highly amusing, she is loved by everyone who passes her and she always looks top-notch. she is a brilliant actress and is often compared to angelina jolie, marilyn monroe and many other famous actresses, past and present, and is a highly gifted singer, she sometimes gets mistaken for the likes of katy perry, rihanna and many other modern day singers. she will go far in life and will do anything to achieve her dreams.
1. "oh that girl, poppy, she is so hot!" "yeah, but she only goes for older guys bro" "oh. damn"

2. "oh my god, poppy is so beautiful and talented, i'm so jel" "don't be jel, be reem lol jk no one can be as brilliant as her"
by sohotwellmeltyourpopsicle August 19, 2011
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