when you get so ripped that your eyelashes are touching which causes distorted vision and temporary lack of judgement
I hit the bong too hard and now i'm squinted and cant see the floor.

I can't drive, I'm too squinted.
by squincy May 25, 2010
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last night we got so squinted I couldn't see.
by kstan34 July 16, 2010
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The group of scientists at the Jeffersionian Institute which FBI Agent Seely Booth calls "squints"
by gleekgirl97 September 16, 2010
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A person who only ventures outside their room for compulsory activity or food. Generally wears green clothing and doesn't lift.
Hey Parker, check out that massive squint Waldon over there
by Academy Dictionary April 19, 2013
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1) geek.
2) extremely intelligent person who lacks social skills.
3) derogatory term for such people that stereotype them as people who examine things very closely and look down on others that are not as intellectually intelligent.
4) a nickname for scientists, who "squint" a lot in their work
"The squints were assigned to examine the body very closely to find out clues about how the person was killed."

Often said in the TV Show, Bones.
by Arkaxow April 2, 2007
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That vice grip tight pussy, that your favorite ice cream good good pussy, that straight Hiroshima bomb pussy. Straight from the heavens type pussy, God's best work.
"Bro I think I'm bout to cuff shawty she got that squint squint "
by ChrisWest July 14, 2019
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The man in Sandlot which is one of the greatest movies of all time. He made out with Wendy Peffercorn becuase he has giant balls. Then he boned her when he grew up.
Squints is the man. that's it.
by Peter Bradley January 20, 2005
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