Extremely awesome. Very nice and has pretty eyes. Maitland's are very aggressive when they are messed with. I wouldn't get on a Maitland's bad side if I were you. Maitland's fit in well and know there place and will fight till the deaths to defend it.
She's such a Maitland.
Did you see that fight today? There was definatly a Maitland going on there.
by Blahblahblaaaal February 18, 2010
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a suburban town located north of Orlando. basically the same as Winter Park, but without Park Avenue.
Maitland has some nice neighborhoods on the east side and not-so-nice neighborhoods on the west side.
by Ho-Town November 15, 2005
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the act of throwing your bag or spitting on another person
here comes maitland watch out he might spit on you

yo, you totally maitlanded on that guy
by bigboy7012 April 25, 2019
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Introducing an Irn-Bru bottle up a lady's poontang with one hand while inserting the spare hand up the anus to remove the lid through the recto-vaginal wall. The liquid is then consumed direct as it gushes from the lady canal.
"I had just come back from a highland-flinging marathon and me lassie was demandng a wee bit of me caber. I was so thirsty i whipped out an irn-bru and gave her the old Filthy Maitland."
by olly connor May 17, 2008
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MG,a group of boys who party hard an slam beers an moek beanios
Maitland gang back at it Friday night
by Owee Matt January 15, 2019
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Kevboyperry’s best friend who is occasionally featured in his videos and tik toks. He enjoys playing the guitar and attends Clemson.
Kevin: Its real sad boi hours I can no longer kiss Adam Maitland goodnight.
by tiktokhasruinedmylife August 23, 2019
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The top try scoring winger in the 2011 Rugby Super 15, but he was not considered good enough to play for the All Blacks. Possibly because he is homosexual.
I have been going so hard at work and the boss never says 'thanks,' its like I am that pariah, Sean Maitland.
by Crusader fan29 August 30, 2011
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