Represents the sound made when someone is eating or chewing something and really enjoying it.
"Hey, are you eating my brownies?"
"Nom nom nom."
by Zig Awesome July 3, 2007
The sound made by the cookie monster from Sesame Street while he is eating his cookies.
by Enips4evar December 11, 2008
Often used in situations to describe the act of eating. Placed with many kitten pictures, as well as anything else that could be seen as eating something
by sushisamurai24 May 25, 2010
the way Pac-man goes around the level
Pam: I hate playing pac-man! He keeps going...
Kim: nom nom nom
by jmQ December 12, 2008
An act of affection expressed through chomping noises
v.-Mike 'nom nom nom ed' at his girlfriend, expressing his undying love/ attention.
by Snorgbot December 11, 2008
To show affection for someone while awkwardly hugging them or laying on top of them. Also an icebreaker to awkward silence.
Josh: Foxayyyy (lays on him)

Fox: NOM NOM NOM (awkwardly hugs him)
by doxnel August 31, 2011
A turn of phrase identifying how satisfied someone is whilst eating
Jake: Hey your always eating why are you not fat!

Barney(with a mouth full of food): nom nom nom!!!
by Barney. December 7, 2009