To take something too far

To cross the line

You can't just walk up to someone and punch them in the face man , that's offside.

Did you just walk up to that broadand grab her, You're offside.

Did you see Yanni, man he's offside.
by thescoop February 27, 2006
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Used mainly in a male rich enviroment.

Meaning when a girls belly/stomach sticks out further than her breasts.
That bitch is ''offside''
by y-tung May 31, 2009
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a place in football where you are classed as a sinner, and any goal you score from an offside position will be ignored by everybody who is onside.

A place in Rugby where it is easier to hurt/maim/tackle/cheat your opposition, and easier to play the whole game. Usually being offside in rugby will end up in a penalty to your opposition. Bastards.
Mrs. McGrath: "Billy! You're offside! Get back!"
Billy: "FUCK YOU MUM!"
by Jeffrey Douglas November 25, 2006
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It is a band, consisting of 3 people. Jerry, Jackson, and Adrian. The bottom line is, they eat a lot of poop.
"Should we go see The Offsiders tonight?' -Ulysses
"No, they eat a lot of poop." -Spencer
by Whaleonaboat July 17, 2011
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An illegal move in football, often mis-understood and often questioned by females with no football knowledge to their more football-aware partners.
Imagine you are in a shop queuing in single file. The girl in front doesn't have her purse, then you realise you don't have yours. The solution is your mate at the back can throw you hers. Once the purse is thrown you can dodge round the girl in front, catch it and run to the cashier. BUT, you must remember that until your mate has "actually thrown the purse" it would be wrong to be in front of the other girl and you would be OFFSIDE!!
by Andrea2580 June 17, 2010
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(In UK Football) Offside is when an attacker is passed the ball while they have pasta bake in their hand and the reciver has a cucumber in their mouth
Fan1: oyyyy how is that not offside?!

Fan2: bloody dirty offside that is.. look you can see the cucumber in his mouth?!!
by T.Barker🌵🌟 October 31, 2017
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a friend or team member sharing a common goal. "new zealand slang"
if we work together we can keep this girl away from you. offsider
by Ewen August 20, 2005
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