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empirical Formula is a hip hop chemistry term used by the real bad boys of chemistry. It is a formula that shows the simplest ratio of the compound or formula in question. empirical Formula has been used by such bad boys such as Alec Baldwin and jane Seymour-Butts to strip down a formula better than slim fast.
Miss Kelvin: "The empirical formula is very important to chemistry, life and your happiness."
Jennings: "Yes miss, indeed one needs the empirical formula to just last a day in the ghetto"
by Jeffrey Douglas September 8, 2006
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The way of left handed people. The opposite direction to how the little ticky things go on your spiderman themed wristwatch.

Many things go anti-clockwise, however to list them would make the world implode.

Craig: "That girl was seriously hot! It's a shame that she walks around that lamp post in an anti-clockwise fashion."

David: "To be fair.. she is left handed."

Craig: "Urgh..."
by Jeffrey Douglas February 8, 2007
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Adj. Poorly co-ordinated. Bumbling ninny.
Blind People

Jack: "Pass the that plate please."
Jack: "Oh you clumsy blind twat!"
by Jeffrey Douglas November 5, 2006
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A place where the creme de la creme go to boogy on down with the local riff raff, whilst enjoying the shop's specialities such as Cod&Chips. It indeed would be fair to say the Chip shop is a good insight into the class system in Britain today. Workers in the chip shop are always strapping and gorgeous as the grease in the air is good for their skin.
"What ho, old boy, let's go down to the Fish and Chip Shop for one of each"

"Quick lads, let's go down to the Fish and Chip Shop for one of each"
by Jeffrey Douglas July 14, 2006
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the correct way to order a fish sandwich in any fish and chip shop. A fish sandwich is a buttered breadcake with a heavily battered fish (normally cod or haddock (or even the sick combination: CODDOCK)) inside, oozing grease.
Harry: "One fishwich please Squire!"
George: "Yes, very good sir."
Harry: "Cod if you would please, i can't stand that bastardin' bastard Haddock."
by Jeffrey Douglas November 24, 2006
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adj. meaning agile. Nimble people are often thin and frail. Piano players are nimble, weak and frail. They would be no longer nimble if their fingers were cut off, so perhaps being nimble isnt all its cracked up to be
E.g. Jason Robinson

Frank: "Woe, woo, oh, the way he prances along is so nimble! so gracious! so elegant"
Baz: "But he is weak and frail. What good is there in being nimble, when you can't lift a car??"
by Jeffrey Douglas November 5, 2006
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Coming from the theory that women who live together will eventually come into a menstrual harmony and go through their cycle at the same time.
Sam: "Them two behind the bar! They've been together years now. Bloody period pals, i'm tellin' ya!"
by Jeffrey Douglas February 5, 2007
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