pooping. like a semi-truck trailer that offloads it's goods out of the back of the truck.
Man, I just gorged at the Mexican restaurant across the street. I had two huge carne de rez burritos. I think I am gonna be offloading in the bathroom for a while.
by Poetjester February 17, 2016
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When you are removed from a plane for being too drunk
I'm sorry, but we're going to have to offload you
by HMAN&DROCK July 19, 2011
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take out the trash -picturing a house, home, residence,etc; as a ship where you are throwing something overboard (enviro-correctly, of course!!)
i'd better offload that bage

better offload that old damn bage!
by michael foolsley December 14, 2009
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Offloaded: when you text your desired person your true feelings in a 5-10 paragraph essay
by Allanxgibson February 10, 2021
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