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Native American slang for "reservation," as in "on the Indian reservation."
Ayy, there's always a party Saturday night on the rez, man.
by goobershanker April 06, 2004
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Rez (in Second Life) means to create or to make an object appear. If something were to appear out of nowhere, someone should say it "Rezzed in". Reresolution, or just simply, rerez, is when a program who was derezzed, "comes back to life", or resurrected. The term was inspired by the classic science-fiction movie Tron.
In Second Life, two friends teleport into a new location - "Oh, this place is beautiful!", "Can't see yet, I'm still rezzing."
by Trin Trevellion April 06, 2010
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To resurrect, or a resurrection of, a character in an RPG.
I need a rez since I just died and lost level 57.
by Alundis July 16, 2003
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(verb) When you cancel plans with someone.
Steve just texted me that he can't go golfing. He's totally rezzing us!
by user23987234 April 27, 2017
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See Resin
Rez is the shorthand term for the build-up of chemically incinerated marijuana, generally collecting around bongs, pipes and cones, amongst other things.

Rez can also be put into the context of a comment or snide remark that is extremely distasteful for the person on the receiving end

Rez water is defined as the accumulation of the seedy water found idleing rancidly at the bottom of any household bilch
1. "Oh No! The CP fell on Gill's new beige pants, thus creating a culture of rez and rez akin by-products"

2. "You are posso the biggest rez dog in the known quasar"

3. "Don't tell me old mate drank the rez water again, thats the 7th time this month!"
by Art Vandalay November 23, 2003
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A video game where you journey through a vast computer network containing the history of time in order to retrieve a female AI program named Eden.
This game is for playing while intoxicated.
by Kirix May 02, 2005
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another one of the most flexible words in the english language.

Used to describe something as cheap, badly-made/built, or slightly teethering on the dangerous/illegal side.

Also refers to thing from a First Nations reservation.
1. "Holy shit man, your tv is frickin REZ! It's covered in duct tape and it's older than your mom!"

2. "I have such a rez bike. I made it out of scrap metal i found in the dumpster."

3. "That's a frickin rez bus. There's like, twenty guys in there and only six seats."
by holyfuckitsme November 15, 2010
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