Native American slang for "reservation," as in "on the Indian reservation."
Ayy, there's always a party Saturday night on the rez, man.
by goobershanker April 6, 2004
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(verb) When you cancel plans with someone.
Steve just texted me that he can't go golfing. He's totally rezzing us!
by user23987234 April 27, 2017
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another one of the most flexible words in the english language.

Used to describe something as cheap, badly-made/built, or slightly teethering on the dangerous/illegal side.

Also refers to thing from a First Nations reservation.
1. "Holy shit man, your tv is frickin REZ! It's covered in duct tape and it's older than your mom!"

2. "I have such a rez bike. I made it out of scrap metal i found in the dumpster."

3. "That's a frickin rez bus. There's like, twenty guys in there and only six seats."
by holyfuckitsme November 16, 2010
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Amazing person, really great at everything they try, sexy, and bootyrific.
Dang, he sure is rez.
by Sean Baxter July 26, 2006
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Short for "resolve". Commonly used as a verb in online virtual worlds such as Second Life. When an object or avatar is brought into the virtual world, it "rezzes". Textures used by the object may take a while to become fully visible, so when there's a lot of lag, objects may take a while to rez.
Whoa! My avie's hair hasn't rezzed for me yet.
by SandraL September 6, 2006
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a name given to a person who is incredibly cool
person 1: damn bro you are rez
person 2: thanks man
by ClearlyUnknown January 15, 2021
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an extremley odd rhythm-based shooter video game that looks like it was designed by people who were watching TRON while on acid
by Capt. Capacitor December 3, 2004
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