to define a thing or person as something more deranged or twisted than the normal term.
You are bizzare, and strange. You are an oddity.
by Season July 28, 2005

Absurd. Something that is extremely odd. Can refer to something good or bad depend on the context.
Not a word in the 'main-stream' vocabular. More likely to be found in the 'geek' vocabulary.
i am oddity.
by a nobdy September 12, 2003
Something that you will never encounter in 1000 years.
Damn that japanese woman has bigger tits than any japanese woman I've ever seen! That is a definate oddity.
by Jimmy Cruton May 8, 2007
This is what you type when you are talking about THEM, yea, some of you know WHO I mean. That way THEY can't track you down through THEIR internet word search engine and assasinate you for telling people the Truth about THEM.
Now, remember, this aluminum oddity code is our little secret. Don't tell anyone unless they are Pariotic Freedom Fighters. If you are not, there is nothing to read here, move along.
by Kahdlibber October 15, 2017
The career-starting hit song from the late rock legend David Bowie, which tells the story of astronaut Major Tom, who launches off for the moon before being cut off from ground control's communications. A truly beloved song by all who appreciate classic rock, considered by many to be one of David Bowie's greatest songs.
Many people enjoy David Bowie's Space Oddity, which will help uphold his memory for generations to come.
by University of Markov June 27, 2019
a great song by david bowe which many people now adays would not listen to because of their musical ignorance, its about the space exploratipn of 1969
this is ground control to major tom youve really made the great space oddity
by skiingisboss November 10, 2013
Mine Oddity is a (Perfect) Minecraft Parody of "Space Oddity" by David Bowie.
It is based around "Major Steve" inside a cave, finding diamonds, Notch Love, and Creepers.

It's an emotional experience. I recommend you you experience it for yourself.
Mine Oddity, 1:18: "This is Diamond Sword to Major Steve, You're gonna find Diamonds....
And the Creepers wanna know, how much armor you have."
by Psycho Doge July 12, 2020