A traditional form of beauty, typically for a certain country. Essentially just the ‘typical’ form of beauty. For example; in Japan, it’s a beauty standard to have larger eyes. Or, how in Mexico, it’s a beauty standard to have lightly tanned skin. Beauty standards vary from country to country, or from person to person, so it isn’t all the same globally.
Jessica: What are beauty standards?
Anne: A typical form of beauty in a country.
Jessica: So may I fit the beauty standard in one country but not another?
Anne: Just because you don’t fit into a certain beauty standard doesn’t mean you’re ugly overall! Different countries have different standards.
by aperson@gmail.com October 13, 2022
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Wow my modren met... Only one of those is unrealistic.
Hym "So, I took a peak at this article by 'my modern met' and it's called 'A.I. generates the perfect people and something something unrealistic beauty standards,' right? And the pictures they show is 1. A regular looking attractive Hispanic woman (Who is as a matter of fact NOT more attractive than Salma Hayek) and 2. The most shredded guy that could ever possibly exist. 0% body fat. So much muscle that you couldn't actually fit thay much muscle on a man with out him being larger. Obviously had a 12 pack. More shredded than a comic book character. Even the male fantasy of fitness pales in comparison to the A.I. generated man. I mean, you can't see the fat bulge in his artificially generated trousers but you know it's there. So, according to A.I. Salma Hayek is beyond perfect and the perfect man is a 9 foot tall Arnold Schwarzenegger who got hit with a shrink ray. You can't have that much muscle and be that small but BOTH of those are somehow unrealistic. It's unrealistic for a woman to be less attractive than Salma Hayek. It's wild. Look it up."
by Hym Iam May 28, 2023
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