When your lawyer makes an excuse for why it is o.k. for you to prevent a law being carried out because you are not ready to plead the 5th amendment! And thinks you as President are above the law!
The President did not commit obstruction of justice the tweet was not his on his account it belonged to his attorney!
by SharkyCA December 5, 2017
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Someone who will deliberately try to be unhelpful for self satisfaction.
He was obstructive in his description of where he was, so he watched the delivery driver go round three times before he found him.
by goonermum September 25, 2015
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(n) An administrator of the typical sort, who rose to power more through ambition, aggression and connections than through skill, education or intelligence, and who does more to obstruct than to facilitate the functioning and operations of the institution.
The obstructicator was proud of the new forms he had created to cover every possible activity that could be carried out in his department.
by Heptune May 18, 2005
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A crime a (bad) cop charges you because they believe the presence of a badge means that all civilians must comply with all of said cop's orders. Legally, this is not obstruction of a police officer, as that requires the order to be lawful, hence differentiating obstruction of a police officer from obstruction of cop.
Cst. O'Pig: I said GIVE ME YOUR ID
Anonymous Person: I am not legally required to, by the 4th Amendment.
Cst. O'Pig: I'll have to arrest you
A. Person: You can't do that, what for?
Cst O'Pig: Obstruction of a police officer
A. Person: That's not obstruction of a police officer, that's obstruction of cop
by Stickololo April 11, 2020
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the equivilent of "cock block", but in terms of females
if a girl is trying to flirt with a guy, and someone tries to interfere, therefore obstructing their vagina - vaginal obstruction
by melkayz September 5, 2010
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an action that takes years of practice and is only Mastered by a few. There is only one person so far that has mastered this action. President Donald Trump
Donald Trump insists on self impeaching with obstruction of justice.
by datgv September 24, 2019
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People and vehicles at airshows and airports charged with the vitally important task of obstructing photographers trying to get pictures of the aircraft. They typically wear orange shirts and/or reflective vests to enhance their visibility. They are best known for making their appearance *just* when the most interesting aircraft of the entire event is about to pass by, remaining present until they have spoiled the photo opportunity, and then returning to their lair.
Sh*t! My photo of that F-100 was spoiled by the foreground obstruction crew!
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv August 26, 2006
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