A person who is from the state of Florida is called a Floridian. Many people who call themselves Floridians are not native born, but have migrated here from other states oft times bringing with them many of the negitive things associated with Florida. Many of the elderly retirees are snowbirds and spend half the year up North.

Not all Floridians are old, spend time in amusment parks, or live by the beach.
There are still a few of us native Floridians left in Florida.
by OneBadAsp October 30, 2006
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Who were born and raised in Florida. Our go to store is Publix and the beach is our home. We all hate tourist and snowbirds. Floridians are used to the bipolar weather and hurricane season. We hate outsiders and only enjoy the company of those who are true Floridians . don’t come down to Florida for a year and say your a Floridan when really your from New Jersey. Most people don’t consider us southerners but if you go down into the Jacksonville/bryceville parts of Florida you’ll really see that we are true southerners. Down there mudding on rangers is the best thing to do. In mid Orlando is where you’ll find the snowbirds. Elderly people on golf carts everywhere eating at crackerbarrel.
Tourists: I’ve lived in Florida for two years so I’m basically a Floridian

True Floridians who lived there whole life: get out now.
by Ryyaya July 2, 2018
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A true born and raised native of florida,not really thought of as a real southerner by our other southern counter parts,but if you live in florida and not belive the hype you will see true floridians are southern as hell,and do take pride in it,but real floridians dont call there selves that only old a** snowbirds that live here call there selves floridians "They wish" but thanks to lame a** northerners moving down here floridians are loseing there native culture and southern accents,but there are also true southerners in the southern part of florida to. believe dot!!!
tourist: were are you from?
floridan: miami shawty!
tourist: oh im a floridian to i've lived here two years.
Floridian: naw baby, you live here! but you damn sure aint from here!
by Chrissyfbaby June 7, 2007
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A Floridian is one of the most unique species of the US states. Unlike other states, we don’t have a certain memo. We’re a bit of everything, black, asian, white, and (mostly) hispanic/latinos. Many people aren’t necessarily proud to be / live in Florida. Many people think we are “ghetto”, but in reality, we just know how to have fun. Other states make fun of us, but we know how to take it, and make it our ‘own’ thing. Like the Florida man joke, we accepted the joke and we moved on. Cause we’re Floridians and we don’t let stupid sh*t bother us. Floridians love, love, lovee PUBLIX. We know the store layout like the back of our hands. (Unless you’re unfortunately forced to go to a different one.) We also have Walgreens, which is kind of sucky with the medicine and slow, but its good nonetheless. My family moved to Florida in 2014 from Argentina. And honestly in my 9 years of living in Florida, ive never gotten bored of it. Theres always something to do, or some crazy people doing ridiculous stuff you wouldn't see anywhere else. The only downside of Florida right now, is the shitty mayor. But besides that, no matter what people say about my state, i will always be proud to be Floridian. Cuz were unique!!
Person from ohio: Look at that cr@ckhead from Florida!!

Person from Kentucky: Ha!! Yeah, what a weirdo!

Proud Floridian: atleast hes doing something with his life, you irrelevant f*cks.
by Bandit6O June 29, 2023
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Most people think: Oh, everyone in Florida is rich or Mexican.


And seriously, my dad is not a retired mafioso... -_-

We know one, though...
Floridian: Hi people...


Floridian: WHAT? Ahh, stop attacking me!! I'M POOR.

Skank-bag: She's lying, hit her with your weave, Bill!
by I'mNotUsingMyRealName. September 17, 2011
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All Floridians are sick bastards !!! Those people are best avoided !!!
by Allison April 11, 2004
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