An American sedan, build by Mercury at Ford's St. Thomas Assembly Plant in Canada. Built on the Panther Platform, along with the Ford Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car and Mercury Marauder, the Grand Marquis is an upscale version of the Crown Vic.
Like the Crown Victoria and the Town Car, the Grand Marquis is also powered by a 4.6 liter SOHC V8 and built on a body-on-frame structure. All Panther Platform vehicles are front engine and rear wheel drive.
Whilst this Mercury is mostly favored by seniors in the US, is it one of the most popular daily drivers in the Middle East, since they are large, durable and affordable.
Who cares if people think the Grand Marquis is a car Gramps drives around it? It's the most comfortable car I've ever driven!
by Panther M75 April 22, 2006
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big body car used by old folks, black folks, tha po's and white boys for a comfortable ride and of course, pimpin. somtimes you will see one with some TWANKIES on the side.
DAMN! you see B on them twankies in the GRAND MARQUIS?!!
by bigboyBslim June 12, 2007
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Produced 1975-2011
The flagship full-size sedan of the Mercury marque for the entirety of its lifetime that remained almost completely unchanged from 1983 onward. It was the mid-level variant of the Ford panther platform, positioned between the Ford Crown Victoria (LTD) and Lincoln Town Car as a moderately upscale body-on-frame, V8 engined, six-passenger sedan. It was largely marketed toward an elderly demographic that appreciated its decidedly traditional appeal and didn't want to see it changed. Eventually, however, the generation who had kept it in production (and, realistically, the entire Mercury brand for that matter) died off and only a small but fierce band of metro hipster cucks and southern hicks remained to petition its inexorable demise.

Notable features included: genuine fake wood inserts on every single interior dash and door panel, superbly soft dual bench seats for elderly keisters, a chrome-clad three or four speed automatic transmission column-shifter for ease of usage by arthritis-afflicted hands, a capacious trunk to be used for nothing other than hauling bags of hand-crocheted doilies, and an utterly isolating suspension and power-steering system to prevent intrusion of any kind from the outside world during the weekly twenty kilometer per hour joyride to the bingo hall.
Phyllis used to own a blue '99 Mercury Grand Marquis--that is, until she backed it into the Sears display window. Her family always said that car was too much for an old woman to handle.
by Vidame April 18, 2017
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