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To use excess flattery.
aka: kissing ass, aka: brown nosing
the brown nosed student frequently pleased his teachers with the use of obsequious compliments during oral intercourse.
by the misinformer March 22, 2005
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another way of saying the person is really polite and flattering, but when they look you in the eyes after they move their lips, you both know that underneath it all there is no sincerity.
a long time ago i had this art teacher that allays seemed really lofty around all her students, in her own way she would compliment you on your work, and then with a smile she would tell you how she thought you should change it so it would look better to her,

one time after she told me i should draw my sunset with a different set of colors i told her that i was aiming to make something different because that's how i wanted it to look in the end,

and with an obsequious smile she told me my grade on the project would turn out much nicer if i chose her colors instead, i smiled back and walked away frustrated as anything; this two faced cow honestly didn't care how hard i worked on this painting,

that bitch would fail me in a heartbeat if i ventured into my own creativity.
by AyJayMickstick February 18, 2015
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To subject to or be put under for some form of servitude.

Also used ignorantly as a uniform all purpose adjective.
The teacher was very arduous and overbearing, thus making the students feel obsequious to her.

Yesterday I fell on this really obsequious nail, and now I have some really obsequious ttetanus and lockjaw. Its probably the last time I will skateboard in haunted houses.
by Dan the Rockstar July 18, 2006
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of or relating to "salad"
synonyms: kinky, sexy, salad, cool, mangina... etc.
kamran: what are you up to jeremy?
Jeremy: oh im watching old greg
Kamran: how obsequious
jeremy: yes it is pretty salad
kamran: catch ya later brohemian rhapsody
by rockharddiewell January 27, 2009
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To be so afraid of offending a megalomaniac president that you compete with fellow cabinet members to kiss the most ass.
The cabinet members were obsequious in their praise of the president.
by ObsequiousNerd June 12, 2017
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A person who "kiss-ass" to his/her boss. A person being subservient, despirate for attention and praise. Trying hard, self serving, egotistical maniac..
My obsequious co-worker reported gossip to our boss, now he faces the ire of everyone.
by Trojan Virus August 12, 2018
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