1) Serve action or ownage - "You got served."

2) Slavery, free labor or labor to pay off a debt.
1) I tried playing final fantasy tactics online. I was completely decimated. All that was typed by the opposition was "servitude." Indeed it was.

2) The 14th amendment ended involuntary servitude, unless a crime was committed.
by Mike October 12, 2004
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the practice of a weak-minded person or group submitting to the logic of the intellectual slavers without question; the inability of a person or group to project their own voice or opinion without the slavers approval, or face retaliation; of being in a non-prosperous state working, or not-working for a pittance of guaranteed security;
Betty's mind was freed from intellectual servitude when she left the union and started her own home business.
by BoboJones April 11, 2011
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Where people labor without pay and have such unhealthy workplace-conditions that their chompers eventually fall out, to boot, thus obliging them to get false teeth.
I read that a lot of tropical-plantation-based slaves ruined their teeth from chewing on sugar cane during their workdays; sounds like a classic case of indentured servitude to me.
by QuacksO March 9, 2020
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She was doomed to an eternal life of penile servitude by her master.
by andreasbusch January 20, 2021
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The reference to the curve of the underside of a chest, or breast

Can also refer to the curving altitude and angle of measurement in the curve of a penis
"Vatche has an indentured servitude curve the size of a 40 year old woman"
by ggfivetimesnore May 21, 2023
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The idea put forward only half in jest that God created the universe for cats and the real purpose of humans is to serve cats.
by Deep blue 2012 February 27, 2010
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The place I work. You may work at such a place also. Basically a shit hole job.
I fell into the land of ass rape servitude thinking it to be a place of profit, but I was fucking wrong!
by Dr. nakanutzoff September 5, 2008
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