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A well respected individual who does not dabble into questionable activities; an overall good and smart person
Yo that kamran needs to lower his ego a lil bit but he’s quite a solid dude
by Urboon Dooctioonary October 16, 2018
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kamran is a word of Urdu language which means "successful".
Normally used as a name for Males
Ahmad mushkil imteham main kamran hua
Ahmad became successful in the tough exam
by kaynoon February 07, 2010
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1.A guy with a huge penis, every blond girl loves a Kamran and usually will cheat on her boyfriend so they can experience him. 2. A successful Boy that all girls love.
Girl:" I had the best time last night"
Friend:" What did you do?"
Girl: " I was with Kamran!"
by Brittany Noftal June 08, 2010
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Simply a twat. Someone who is so far up their own ass that If they farted they’d suffocate. They get far in relationships until the person discovers they have both male and female genitalia. Ask a Kamran what their favourite food is and they’ll all tell you the same thing. Dick.
Girl: so you went out with Kamran yesterday
Friend: yeah it was kinda shit we went to McDonald’s and we had to leave as soon as he found out they didn’t serve dick anymore.
Girl : oh no they don’t !!
by Dr. Rejikabilis May 10, 2018
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A particularly rare breed of dog that originates from Sumgayit, Azerbaijan. The scientific name is derived from the Latin term; Mumuodogulus Gargantua, also referred to as a Mumudog.
Mumudog's are absolutely useless animals. Explains why Jim aggressively beat a Kamran the other day.
by kkkkkai August 19, 2017
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