A group of people who believe that running for president is a justifiable amount of experience needed to actually BE president. In other words, a bunch of socialist morons who really know nothing about politics.
Obama nation member (Democrat): Obama all the way!
Contributing member of society (Republican) : Why? What has he done for this country?
Democrat: Hope! Change!
Republican: Those are meaningless slogans
Democrat: Red, blue, green!
Republican: Those are colors
by asdl;fkjj April 08, 2010
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noun- syn. abomination-
1. The irreparable state of a nation, in which USA will enter, if Barack Hussein Obama is elected president.
2. A potentially reversely-discrimating, marxist-state ruled over by Barack Obama.
3. A political movement attempting to have Barrack Hussein Obama elected to president which fails recognize his absurb, contridictory, potentially racist and marxist political views concealed by feel-good, non-specific, pseudo-hippie rhetoric.
3. A presidential candidate who both listens to Revernd Wright for 20+ years and only recently finds fault with his views.
4. A presidential candidate whos a wife states twice in one day that states she is "...for the first time in my(her) adult life proud of America..." and finds no fault in this view and admonishs others for criticizing it.
5. A presidential candite who dumps public campain financing, which he previously backed and praised, in order to avoid federal letigation that limits campain financing and enables such candidate to unlimited campain funds provided by mindless zealots over the internet.
Mc Cain is not the perfect presidential canidate..but electing Obama will result in an complete Obamanation.

by Please help us all!!! July 10, 2008
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A positve action which brings a positive result.the opposite of abomination.
ending the iraq war would be a complete and total obamanation.
by P.K.R. April 11, 2008
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The thought process of Barack Hussein Obama.

Alternate use:

Those whom have drank the Obama koolaid and subsribe to his thinking.
Barack Hussien Obama's leftist liberal thinking can be coined an "Obamanation".

Alternate use:

The Obamanation may very well get Barack Hussein Obama elected.
by Joe LaMoy June 16, 2008
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noun \o-ˌbä-mə-ˈnā-shən\ the extreme disgust towards a political group or idealogy which has betrayed the principals on which they were founded.
Some people view the current political agenda in Washington as progessive while others see it as an obamanation.
by halfdingo January 16, 2011
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Disliked by the majority, destructive to the masses
Man, since they cut all the full time hours at work and took away the benefits my job has become an Obamanation!!
by PinkPirana October 25, 2010
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