an indication that something is

about to happen
EDP445: I scared a 7 year old girl
EDP445: sends fucked up messages to an underage girl
people online: this is definitely one of the best examples of foreshadowing
by stunna2k April 23, 2021
Foreshadowing is a dramatic device in which an important plot point is mentioned earlier in the story to return later in a sinificant way. This is said by Hermione Granger in A Very Potter Musical.
Snape: A person can however be a horcrux.
Harry: What's a horcrux?
Snape: I'm no even going to tell you Harry, you'll find out soon enough.
You find out later, Snape knew there were horcruxes concerning Harry. This exemplifies foreshadowing.
by vadergirl123 August 9, 2010
The fart that is typically pushed out in a hurry, only to discover that there is feces close behind.
guy: well guys i'm going to be heading home, just had a close call with the foreshadower and i'd like to avoid any mishaps.
Pal: o well good luck, man.
by WillFargo October 8, 2011
Mentioning a gun at the beginning of the story and not shooting the gun until the stroy's end is not foreshadowing, it's fucking procrastination.
by Apexe May 6, 2013
by arimonegro70 April 1, 2020
A twisted cousin of foreshadowing and preshadowing but closer to foreshadowing

Foreshadowing episode one occurs specifically with a flashback of events before a story set by a character later in the story, more so in a TV show or a movie, that contains subtle hints to events already shown at an early point of the story, set later than the events of the flashback.

As the flashback is set further in the past, the subtle hints count as a foreshadowing
The killer’s father in episode 5 recalls the killer’s childhood. The killer is shown as a child playing with a toy gun. This is foreshadowing episode one where the killer murders someone as an adult
by Sinsanity May 4, 2020