A word to describe Obama's presidency.
Obama + Abominable.
Person 1: I hate chem!
Person 2: its OBAMANIBLE!
by obamafoyomama May 12, 2009
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(noun) A tent city similar to hooverville in nature.
After they take my home, i hope you and i live in the same obamanation.
by greencowboy July 24, 2011
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The current economic/political mess this country is experiencing due to our leaders.
He has been laid off and is on food stamps due to the current obamanation.
by stealth46 July 23, 2012
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the word used to describe a policy that is not in favor of the people
The healthcare laws are an obamanation to the people of this country
by twistednick August 4, 2012
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Usually after when President Obama was elected an african-american male or female had a new sense of boldness; if you are a white male or female they tended to "get in your face" because they now have a black man in the White House. Also they have a disposition that their man Obama is the best president in the history of the United States and if a non-black person said anything negative about Obama they are automatically a racist that has a problem with a black president in office.
An example of a nigger with Obamanitis

"Man Obama sucks I cant wait till his term is up"
"Yo dont be hatin' on my president he's got to clean up after Bush"
by Hondamike January 21, 2012
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(abomination) A descriptor for someone who ruins your life by robbing your every cent. Also can be a word for a smelly liar or a belly lint and nose picking loser who likes to smoke even though his wife may or may not own the nation's biggest save obese kids and stay healthy campaign.
Wow, did you see the new kid? He's a total obamanation.

That robber is a nasty gruesome obamanation rigtht there.

All democrats are obamanations.
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