Belfast slang for a bottle of cider equalling two or more litres of cider. Including Strongbow, Frosty Jack and many more.

Also referred to as "Barrack Buster" as regularly drinking barracks can lead to busting of both the liver and the stomach.
Cardinal Doc: Wanna grab a barrack tonight and hit club tracks?

Mad-Fuck Hanna: Sure as hell do.
by Cardinal Mad-Fuck June 29, 2010
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Favorable, awesome, helpful, cool, positive
You did the dishes? That is totally Barrack of you.

That new sweater is really Barrack.
by akrovaka February 5, 2009
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Used in Australian to describe which AFL team a person supports.
What team do you support?

I barrack for Essendon.
by myobplease May 13, 2011
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A Building used to train soldiers, store weapons and house soldiers.
Report to tje Barracks at 23:00H
by Private October 23, 2003
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A sexy synonym for engaging in sexual intercourse: to fuck. Pronounced buh-rok.
I want to barrack Phung in the back of the bus.
by Hellameygan November 11, 2008
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Barrack a term for supporters of sporting teams. In Melbourne, the Victoria Barracks were located at St. Kilda Cricket Ground end of the Albert Park Playing Fields until the 1970's. At the north end was South Melbourne Cricket Ground. BOTH were also used as Football Grounds. In those days, people worked on Saturday mornings until 1:00 pm. Most lived within walking distance of their workplace. Early Melbournian sporting followers and the Barracks Military and Civilian personnel, evolved the habit of "going" to the "football" after work before going home or whatever. The games were not fixtured together, but alternative Saturdays, thus 'trapping' or encouraging the supporters to both grounds EACH week. The South Melbourne Ground was at the other end of the park and necessitated a long stroll. The 'Outer' of the South Melbourne ground was artificially 'mounded' for spectators' better viewing. The perimeter public fence was built at some small distance behind the bottom of the mound, to services for the supporters convenience. Some supporters, along with their sons, arrived earlier for a better location. The sons often kicked a rag or paper football 'end-to-end' to each other to fill in time. Watching was always a group of boys atop the mound and were first to notice the Barrack Personnel walking across the playing fields. Then would cry "HERE COME THE BARRACKERS!" As all young boys well knew, that generally signified the the "Game" was soon to commence.
1. I barrack for Fitzroy.
2. Raucus supporters go to the game to barrack.
3. The barrackers were quite noisy.
4. He never stops barracking.
5. I barrack for no one other than Fitzroy.
6. I never barrack for opposition teams.
by fair dinkum barracker April 23, 2010
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