word "obamanation" is derived from the traditional english word "abomination".Simply put, barack obama is an abomination therefore there was a call for a new word.
dude 1 :Did you see the inauguration?

dude 2 : Yea, ill be surprised if that obamanation isnt assassinated.
by wtk508 January 27, 2009
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1. Obamanation is the new horrible nation (run by Obama)
2. Because it is run by Obama that makes it an Abomination
3. What Satan said to Obama.
Satan: Obama, go make yourself useful and.. umm.. uhh.. oh bomb a nation.

Obama: But this is such an Abomination!

Satan: Yes I know! >: Go make this world evil... Make it an Obamanation.

Obama: YIPPIEEE YAY!!!!11 IM SO EXCITED!!!!11 DO I GET ICECREAM????/!!!!!111 wait......... can i be blak?? cuz then all the blak ppl will vote me!!!11 even tho i dont kno crap bout n e ting. yayyyyy
by remodwof March 05, 2009
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Obamanation is synonomous with the word "apocalypse", which means the end of the world... yeah, I went there.
1. Newscaster: With Barack Obama's election, the world has finally reached Obamanation.

2. Random man: OH NO!!! The Obamanation is spreading. Quick!!! Enter the bomb shelters, we must prepare.
by The WTF blanket... March 18, 2009
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noun, 1. when a zealot presses his opinion on someone already in agreement with him to the point that the other person changes their mind just to spite him. 2.a nation of obamatrons.
"We were talking about how the new parking restrictions on the street were ridiculous, but he wouldn't shut up about it. Eventually I told him that I hope they tow his ass."

"We were totally cool about everything, but now we can't even talk -- it's a total obamanation."
by Yukon Fonz March 03, 2008
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the act of saying you will do some thing but not actualy doing it


A mass amount of people who praise obama for absolutley no reason or sometimes just becuase he is black
kid: i am doing that
kid 2: your such an obamanation


obama nation member: holy f obama i like jesis man!!!!!!
kid: why?
obama nation member: becuz!
by dwickdwak March 28, 2009
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