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A sarcastic name for singer and songwriter Dua Lipa
Oh my god have you heard that new Dula Peep song?
by Expired Ravioli February 03, 2021
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n. Extremely tight pants (usually but not necessarily jeans) that, as the name implies, conform (i.e. hug) the testicles. Origins unknown, this fashion trend started to become popular in the beginning of the 21st century. The popularity of "nut-huggers" has grown since.
Nice nut-huggers George.
by Nel Kaleisum November 15, 2005
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1. Shorts or Pants that are really tight on men and squeeze their junk
2.people who support someone blindly regardless of facts
1. That fool looks like he can't breathe in those nuthuggers
2. All you nuthuggers need to get off the bandwagon and check your facts
by manuel tejeda March 02, 2007
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Speedos or speedo-like swimming costume. So called because the hug the nuts.
That German tourist's got his nuthuggers on. Gross much?
by Hierophant April 25, 2009
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Really Tight pants or shorts . They are so tight , they hug your nuts . Thats Why their call Nut Huggerss .
Hes definitly wearing some nut huggers !
by hjgwscdws April 19, 2010
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N. a socially disadvantaged person who must latch, or hug onto to the nuts of one of his friends to gain acceptance in social setting.
I wish Jon wouldn't have been home schooled because he is such a Nut Hugger when we go out.
by the Razor December 07, 2009
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