an individual who worships another individual; mark, fanboy/fangirl.
tito nuthuggers, you know the boy is bitch.
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
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1. noun. A nomadic miserable cunt, who becomes so obsessed with a guy, that she will do basically anything to maintain his attention; whether it be sex, incessant annoyance, or other favors; the term is connotatively derived from the fact that the broad in question is virtually clinging onto his testicles with strength considerably more powerful than a GI Joe Kung-Fu grip.

2. noun. A bitch that is a freeloading, mooching cunt.
1. That nuthugger won't leave me alone. All I wanted was for her to blow me, and now she won't stop calling me. It's getting weird, but at least she buys me food when I want it--usually after she blows me.

2. I was trying to make a drunken feast in the kitchen, and this nuthugger wouldn't stop trying to mooch my shit. If she was that hungry, she should have blown me.

There's nuthuggery afoot here...
by Juice & Clint March 02, 2005
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"That guy is wearing nut huggers, holy crap please poke out my eyeballs"
by Janaye September 03, 2002
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A nuthugger is a person that is so into something - person, place, or thing - that they only see and say good things about it. Anyone that goes against this idea of perfection is flamed and insulted.
"those Chuck Liddell nuthuggers can't admit he lost that fight"
by Big Aggie March 09, 2010
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Man, I gotta put on my pair of AF nut huggers and go take my PT test.
by drewman05 April 10, 2010
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super tight jeans that practically crush a man's balls when wearing them
Jesse: hey whatsup Ray . whatsup james.
Both: damn can you breath in those nut huggers
by queenskilla26 October 24, 2009
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A type of basketball short worn until the mid 80's, characterized by their tight form fittin properties in the testicle area.
Those "nut huggers" are so tight his feet are turning blue.
by neiheisel61 June 02, 2006
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