A symbol of classic/old rock when worn on a guy.
Bloody emos. They stole our tight jeans.
by Ziggy-Stardust May 20, 2008
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Jeans that are very tight around the knees especially on men. Often worn by skaters and hipsters. sometimes taken to the extreme by people like Dustin Dollin, Ali Boulala, and Jim Greco. (All professional skateboarders).
I wear womens jeans for the fit.
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Worn by a "Cowboy Killer," this type of jean is not necessisarly a jean, but a type of person. Distracting in many ways, Tight Jeans is fast, quick and deadly. Term derived from the 1800's in and around Tombstone.
ya... i wreckin me and tight jeans are gonna go out and try to snag them there yearlings off of the nelbo ranch.... poor lil pinkerton....
by markmanvan March 15, 2008
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When a male or teen wears tight jeans that are to tight ,which are supposed to be use by girls ONLY.
Dude what did i tell you about wearing those Homo Tights A.K.A Tight Jeans shit mad gay.

Again with those Homo Tights A.K.A Tight Jeans stop going through your sisters closet.

I hate these Homo Tights A.K.A Tight Jeans wearing as people that shit aint wavyyyyyyyyyy.
by TheGhostKiller August 29, 2009
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Jeans that are really tight, but the person wears them as if they are baggy. the jeans often hae holes and complemented with a gang bandanna. Often a style done by bmx'ers
G1:Did you see that guy on the bike? his jeans are tight, but he sags them as if they are too big!

G2: He's obviously a bmx'er wearing skin-tight baggy jeans. if he isn't, imma have to bust a cap in dis mofo
by PandaPilot April 23, 2010
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Girl: I don't think I can do this anymore.
Friend : Jeans Tight Hips Out girl, you got this.
by Bad Man Movement November 27, 2021
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