In remote areas of lakeland florida, locals decided that tight was just not good enough, so super tight was born. Meaning: super cool, super hip

Warning: these are the same people who say cooter is a turtle instead of pussy
Man did you see those new rims on the civic, man thems super tight.
by gaden September 19, 2006
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Extremely tight jeans that take atleast 10 minutes to get on and off not good if you want to get laid
take your super tights off so we can have sexual intercourse.
by nick t mofos December 3, 2007
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Term used in the Oil and Gas Industry describing a well where no information is to get out. Info is only shared between the most trusted people. Can be used in everyday speech for a deadly secret that others are not to repeat and you would only tell a spouse or old friend.
Honey, I actually like men and not you. I will stay married with you for the children. (No need to say this is super tight hole information.)
by Big Head Mike July 7, 2009
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