-What are you eating?
Yesterday's pizza.
-Did you nuke it?
Yeah, 30 seconds is good.
by QWERTY1 August 30, 2007
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To overly think a solution to any problem. Usually refer to and use by nuclear trained US Navy sailors.
Dude, don't nuke it. We just need directions to the store. We don't need exact GSP coordinates, altitude, and a bunch of other useless junk.
by T.X. Ryan June 13, 2007
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"grab some tv dinner in the freezer and nuke it before you eat it"
by jveezy23 October 11, 2007
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The internet's solution for any atrocities or social issues in any foreign country.
"Canada hunts baby seals."
"China has a cannibal tribe"
Response: NUKE CHINA
"Faroe Islands dolphin slaughter"
"Class conflict in Iran"
Response: NUKE IRAN
by udusers1 June 6, 2012
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When a underground file ripping crew purposely removes one or more archives of a release, rendering it useless.
*Nuked File* = I just downloaded 2 gigabytes for nothing, FUCK!
by I Just Juiced Your Fruit April 11, 2006
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The act of getting so completely swole that your body resembles a mushroom cloud
Person 1: Bro did you see Brian lately?
Person 2: Dude he's looking NUKED
by scoishdarealmaloish October 16, 2019
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