1. Nuke (noun, slang) - A Thermonulcear Weapon.

2. Nuke (verb, slang) - To attack a target with a Thermonuclear Weapon.

3. Nuke (verb, slang) - To cook food in a Microwave Oven.
1. The Enola Gay dropped a Nuke on Hiroshima.

2. The City of Hiroshima was Nuked.

3. I just nuked some leftovers for dinner.
by Imminent Storm August 22, 2005
Nuke is the very best Counter Strike: Global Offensive map. It is very sweaty when you come across the people that solo queue nuke only. If you go down the vents you can feed someones EGO and they will starting flaming your team in chat. Once this step is done get one teammate to keep trash talking him into a long conversation so he is distracted. From here it is easy and walk up behind the player while he is typing and just knife him. (We came back from 1-6 to 16-7)
Nuke is the best map in the game apart from train.
by SlitheryJoshL February 13, 2020
Slang for a nuclear/thermonuclear device, usually classified as an ICBM, MRBM or tactical nuclear bomb (tac-nuke). Currently, it is the most powerful weapon available to mankind, creating either the fission (breaking of) or fusion (fusing together) of atoms. Nukes can release a blast more powerful than one million tons of TNT
We're lighting off nukes out there like it's our own Fourth of July
by Nightmare April 17, 2004
A giant bomb which can destroy a whole city.
Kim Jong-Un is well known for nukes.
by beluga the suzzi cat November 13, 2022
The Bomb , The Good Stuff , Slippery When Wet, GoodGood

When SomeThing Is so Good Its “Nuke” not such As The Actual Bomb But It is The Bomb.
Shorty got “Nuke” .
by FoeNemGrave June 9, 2020
A shot of bacardi 151 dropped into a can of red bull and chugged.
I don't remember friday too well, that fifth nuke was a mistake.

It's saturday, let's get nuked.
by jonlfrombrown April 19, 2011