UFC Fighter Georges "Rush" St-Pierre
by Plojo December 27, 2006
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Acronym for Golden Standard Pussy; the kind if chick that has the perfect blend of smarts, looks, and lowkey wildness; synonym of bae; antonym of skank
Bob: Woah, look at Mariah''s titties, they rated 6 points higher than her 4.0 gpa. LET ME TAP THAT.
Dude: That's GSP right there, we all need to tap that.
by sweatypussy December 30, 2016
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Acronym for the greatest MMA combatant of all-time. The one, the only, the baddest, the humble one, the numero uno,none other than Georges Saint Pierre!
GSP submitted Miguel Bisping to become the undisputed middle weight champion of Tijuana on November4 2017. GSP accomplished the feat after being away from the sport for four years. This makes GSP the best MMA fighter in the history of the young sport. Currently ouranked by NFL football, MMA will one day be the most popular sport in the world says little Tommy Brady, QB for New Iceland!!!
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone November 9, 2017
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Gay Slumber Party- n. The act of getting together with a group of your closest male friends and spending the night together. Common activities include teabagging, pwnage, sleeping bag fights, and touching your energy sword.

Note: a 'gay slumber party' should not be confused with a 'gay sleepover party', the principal difference being the latter involves sleeping.
Brian: ughh! brazil's loss destroyed me as well. still recovering... yo guys. lets time our naperville window together. i need to get my gsp fix on!

Myles: gsp gsp gsp gsp gsp gsp gsp!!!!!
by GSP 4 LIFE July 16, 2010
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Gay Squirrel Porn

I think it's pretty self explanatory what that is..
"Are those squirrels wrestling?"

"No, looks more to me like some GSP"
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GSP is what New Jersey kids call the Garden State Plaza. To most, it is the best mall in America. Here, guidos, blacks, whites, and yellows all come together to enjoy shopping, eating, the theatre, and many other things. The GSP is so great, it even draws people like Draco Malfoy to pay a visit.
Did you find anything good at GSP today?" "Yeah! GSP is the bomb.
by asdfjkl;asd June 15, 2011
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Girl: "Aye you going to party tonight?"
Guy: "Hell yeah! bout to gsp!"

Girl: "Hey lets hang out tonight"
Guy: "Nah, Ive got a midterm tomorrow. Bout to late night gsp"
by rosl October 19, 2012
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