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The things that ignorant right wing, mainly American republican twats like to use as their arguments against the left wing They accuse us of hypocrisy and here I explain how wrong they are.

1) Apparently we are hypocrital because we hold life sacred in that we oppose the death penalty but are also pro-abortion. They completely mis understand because I for one, DON'T hold life sacred but hold HAPPINESS sacred. look at it like that and we're not hypocritical.
How much unHAPPINESS can a unborn foetus suffer, even in the very unlikely chance that these extremely young foetus have emotions when they don't know their going to die and are killed quickly when COMPARED TO the CONTINUOUS suffering of an unwanted child an unwanting mother whos had her life destroyed OR the unHAPPINESS of an innocent person on death row or even a guilty person who made one mistake for whatever incomprehensable and hence unjudgeable reason (and can we really ever trust humans not to make mistakes enough to allow them power of life and death over someone?)

2) Apparently we are hypocritical because we oppose hatred and intollerance and yet hate and are intollerant of those who aren't left wing. Well, we oppose OFFENSIVE intollerance. Intollerance for no reason other than someones harmless religious devotion or sexual preference. That sort of intollerance is bullying on a national scale. And are you intollerant of a school yard bully's bullying if you stand up to him? Are you not allowing him to express himself through the way he injures and makes miserable that geek kid?
Right winger: You liberal scum are so hypocritical

Left Winger: Read above ^ and aren't you the people who think that people on income support and asylum seekers get more money than they deserve (even though its barely enough to live on) and yet don't seem to mind it that in your anti-tax the rich society kids can get more money they deserve (and this time ITS MASSES MORE THAN THEY NEED TO LIVE ON) just because their parents are rich?

Right winger: um.... errrrr.... I need to rethink.
by Geoooooooo March 26, 2005
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