A terribly nasty raunchy dump.
Damn it smells like Miguel aborted a foetus in there!
by Captain Fantasdick February 21, 2005
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A slimy little teat of a human, born 12 months premature with extensive megalomania
Christ that Sasha is a fucking foetues!!
by Sasha Kingsbury McDill May 10, 2004
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A bulge or growth that a woman has in her stomach that looks strange and creepy when she does not have the excuse of being pregnant. It is kind of like a beer belly that is caused by excess drinking of canned energy drinks.
What is wrong with Jos's stomach? It looks like she has a foetus growing out of it.
by Dancin Boy August 18, 2008
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Our Friend Chris Hodgkinson (a.k.a Pissed Chris). He's the youngest one of the group. with a balding hair line with a pint in his hand.
Many sotries related include: falling in a ditch, hugging lamposts, and sleeping in his own vomit!
'you coming pub, foetus?' * Falls in a ditch*
by Chimp + Greeny February 4, 2005
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A very delicious delicacy. Serve it to anyone(ingredients:human egg, 500g ash, 100g dog meat,1 liter oil, 1 chicken egg

1)Burn your relative for ash

2)Take some menustrated blood

3)Incubate the blood to create undeveloped fetuses

4)dip the foetus in egg

5)then coat it with ash

6)Preheat oil to 170 degrees for 10 minutes

7)Place ash foetus inside and cook it for 2 minutes

8)place some RAW dog meat on cooked ash foetus for more flavor

9)Serve and enjoy!
Saibo: OOo...Nice dinner! What are we eating?

Mickey mouse: Ash foetus with dog meat!

Saibo: Mmm...what a delicacy! I can't wait to savour some! My saliva is already dripping!
by Gourment of Ash food September 28, 2019
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n. An office worker who treats his cubicle or office as a safe and secure place. In his mind the safety and security of the cubicle is only surpassed by the time he spent in his mother's womb. The cubicle foetus displays anxiety when others are in his space, or when he is required to be elsewhere in the office.
Ralph is such a cubicle foetus that when he gets back to his desk after a meeting he actually sighs and even makes soft cooing and baby noises while working.
by Seb13 February 4, 2009
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A practice developed on the London railway system by women to gain preferntial seating during rush hour periods. It involves confronting male passengers and asking them for their seat on the grounds that they are pregnant.
Female passenger: "can I please have your seat. I'm pregnant." (Whole carriage stares at man)

Male pssenger: "stop with yer foetus jacking, miss. I'm gonna need to see a copy of the ultrasound photo"
by The Gonzo Lecture March 9, 2010
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