The space-time concept is the most difficult to explain or understand in the entirety of human knowledge. We perceive reality in terms of up and down, left and right, even jokes are made like: "He doesn't know up from down." For we view things in relativistic terms, and dualisms. Does up exist by itself? Does left exist by itself? Are they continuum's? Can an event exist as a non-event. Are space and time inseparable dualities? How many dimensions are there--one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, then eleven. Black holes, white holes event horizon, helix, super galactic, sub-atomic, worldlines. string-like, super-strings, quarks, gluon's, tachyons, big-bang, big-bang plus 1 x 10 minus 18th second. An event in terms of x,y, and z with respect to a rotational helix with a velocity equal to c on the worldline so long as it occurs outside the event-horizon and stays within the worldline. That's why they messed up the Philadelphia experiment.
by Guido1 March 07, 2008
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What you will probably mess up if you go back in time.
I killed my grandpa's dog in 1932 and now my Sister doesn't exist! I have to fix the Space-Time Continuum!
by ><><><><><><><><> November 19, 2009
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Lebowski Space-time is like Minkowski Space-time except there is a complex term for "abiding".
Person one: Whenever I try to use Lebowski Space-time my door back to our four dimensions disappears

Person Two: You must not be abiding properly.
by Bpendragon September 05, 2012
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the most bad*** superpower ever; allows time travel, teleportation, stopping time, slowing down time, and, if you're desperate enough, rewinding time
Example Sentence: "Don't make me use my space-time manipulation to go back in time and scramble your mom's eggs."
by MrManlyMannyManMan April 24, 2012
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its kinda like when you go back in time and say "good morrow, my good fellow!" to yourself. Thats how you do it ok.
its kinda like when you go back in time and say "good morrow, my good fellow!" to yourself. Thats how you do it ok.

space time paradox
by Raptor Jesus Christ December 08, 2009
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This is a military term related to ensuring the bolt and head space for the M2 .50 caliber machine gun are in alignment. This must be done correctly, or the weapon can explode during operation. It also means a person who's screwed something up because they failed to check what they were doing before they did it.
Lieutenant Smedlap blamed his mistakes on his platoon sergeant, but it was actually his fault.

"LT Smedlap blamed his sergeant, but it was really a head space and timing problem"
by Soldier online October 23, 2009
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when your watching a movie on your laptop, with your boyfriend or girlfriend, on full screen, you press space bar to pause it to have sex.
by fuckfacekilla June 23, 2008
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