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Baba is you, Wall is stop, rock is push, flag is win
by Spoopy Chicken November 12, 2019
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when your drinking a coffee and you just need to tell people how much of a downward spiral your life has been
i want you to expresso your stresso and depresso
by Spoopy Chicken October 3, 2018
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Dihydrogen Monoxide is a chemical compound consisting of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule, commonly known as "Water".
some guy: Yo do you have some Dihydrogen Monoxyde?
B: bruh do I look like a chemist?
some guy: B Dihydrogen Monoxide is water?
B: oh yeah no worries.
by Spoopy Chicken August 29, 2019
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when the skeletons start to move around in october and start dooting you with their trumpets and spooking you till you get so spook that the skeleton in you start to doot too.
by Spoopy Chicken October 3, 2018
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Basically it's reddit but with word definitions instead of posts
Friend: Yo Fam U use Reddit for your daily memes?
me: Nah bruh, i use ThE uRbAn DiCtIoNaRy
by Spoopy Chicken September 12, 2019
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it's when wallmart (temporarily) bans violent video games and games with guns but continues to sell guns
Wallmart employee: We have stopped showcasing the gruesome evil and violent videogames on our stores to show respect to people who've died during mass shootings.
Wallmart employee: We will however continue to sell firearms so people with guns can prevent mass shootings by shooting the mass shooter. You're welcome america, we're stopping violence! This isn't hypocrisy, we're saving hundreds of americans by selling guns.
by Spoopy Chicken September 19, 2019
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