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by Commonsense October 13, 2017
One who forms their beliefs based on reason and science, and not on religion, authority, or tradition.

Despite what the term actually means, it is used by condescending people to describe themselves.

The irony of people who refer to themselves as freethinkers is that even though they believe they formed their opinions solely on reason and science, modern psychology disproves that people are capable of that.
Lindsay says she is a freethinker. However, her cognitive biases make that impossible.
by Commonsense September 5, 2012
Having a mind willing to listen to opinions that are different from or conflict with your own; unbiased; unprejudiced.

Unfortunately, it has become a term used by condescending to describe themselves or to mean "you should agree with me."

The irony of term being that modern psychology disproves that people are incapable of being truly open minded. Therefore, if one was to claim that they are open minded, they must be willing to acknowledge that they are not open-minded.
(After a debate on the internet)

Lindsay: You should be more open minded.

Elise: So, in other words, I should agree with you? You are aware you are not being open minded.
by Commonsense September 5, 2012
(n) - one of the few things liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, and people in general have in common.
If one were to be truly honest with oneself, one would realize that he/she falls into hypocrisy. For example, almost everyone preaches that we should love everyone, but few practice that.
by Commonsense September 17, 2012
One who does not follow the norms of their overall society or culture.

The irony of one who claims to be a nonconformist is that they do conform to their society or culture to some extent. For example, unless he or she made up a language only he or she knows, he or she do share the same language with others in his or her culture or society, and therefore he or she is a conformist in that respect.

If one to were to learn a bit about modern psychology, he or she would discover that nonconformists are almost nonexistent.
Lindsay: Think for yourself.

Elise: I won't follow your advice. I won't "think for myself." I am a nonconformist.
by Commonsense September 5, 2012