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A word that is sent to millions of people who subsribe to the urban dictionary mailing list. The creator of the word and the word become instantly famous.
My dream is to one day publish the Word of the Day.
by dimelis_16 May 09, 2007
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the gayest made up ''slang'' terms gets chosen

so, go and pull two words out of your ass, give them a definition, and your word might be picked too!!

theyre on the homepage. you can't miss them, or their stupidity
dude 1: man did you read the word of the day today?
dude 2: what? stealing from the pooty or wutever shit?
dude 1: yeah!! how fuckin stupid!!!
dude 2: shit man i kno!
by aoiwehrlwr October 11, 2008
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almost 50% or more of the time is a word related to Facebook.

it's definitely not random because they pick definitions that match certain times of the year or holidays and also had geek, nerd, and dork; back to back days.

usually when it doesn't have anything to do with Facebook it's a pretty decent word or phrase, but sometimes it's almost as if they pick some of the words just to shame the person who created it since they get so many thumbs down and is the most god awful attempt at humor ever.
Today's Word of the Day is "Facegrace" meaning a disgrace to Facebook: 6925 up, 42 down

This Week's Words: "Snowbooking" "Habitual Poker" "Wall Troll" "Facespace" "Spacebook"
by Matt Huff February 02, 2011
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Something that is on the home page of Urban Dictionary and is usually lame slang that no one really uses. The word or phrase always gets more dislikes than likes
Did you see todays word of the day on urban dictionary? What a stupid word no one says that.
by I Chink Im Cool March 04, 2012
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A word with only a few hundred likes, but it still gets chosen because it bashes Donald Trump.
Seriously Urban Dictionary, you chose Shithole twice as word of the day, in a row. And both of them bash Donald Trump.
by AntiTHOT.exe January 17, 2018
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