An annoying definition which sits on the front page for many days in a row.
You know this website has become completely broken when the same definition is word of the day for more than 7 days - it should definitely be renamed "word of the week" instead.
by Moroccobama September 11, 2020
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An extremely stupid word (i.e. Hungs, Masturbathe, Emotionap, etc.), that is almost certainly made up on the spot, that UD randomly puts on the front page and emails to all of its subscribers for no good reason at all. These "definitions" usually tend to be a pun or play on words and really don't make much sense.
Every goddamn Word Of The Day that has ever existed on this site since 2004 has been so mind-numbingly stupid that I feel that I've lost at least 40 IQ points.
by The real troofs, yo! September 8, 2013
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Stupid fucking political shit which gets in the way when you're browsing to search a definition. Worst feature ever.
by Bruhmasterlord June 25, 2020
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How Urban Dictionary staff express their left-wing political beliefs. Not like that’s bad or anything. But still.
The Word of the Day nowadays is usually something against Trump, against the cops, or in support of the protests and/or BLM
by nlolhere June 9, 2020
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Some deadass expression that literally nobody has heard of. 2021 is the year we cancel ‘Word of the Day’.
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Urban Dictionary staff's way of pissing on right-wing groups and inventing slang that doesn't exist and if so, was made obsolete in the weeks of it being created pre-2010s.
Example 1: "Check out the new Urban Dictionary Word of the Day!" an IRC chat message read. "Wait, what the fuck am I reading?" another IRC chat message read, this time from another user.
by ElijahPepe September 8, 2020
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A word that is sent to millions of people who subsribe to the urban dictionary mailing list. The creator of the word and the word become instantly famous.
My dream is to one day publish the Word of the Day.
by dimelis_16 May 10, 2007
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