1) The loss of too much body fluid through frequent urinating, sweating, diarrhea or vomiting.
2) A state that occurs when not enough fluid is present to fulfill the body's fluid needs.
3) A condition in which the body loses more water than it takes in.
Excessive workout without water intake might lead to dehydration! So make sure u keep the fluid intake good.
by Aashish Dhand October 14, 2007
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EXTRA DESPERATE, wanting some attention from someone who doesn't want you
(Girl) *calling ex boyfriend*: Hey are you busy?
(Man): Um, yeah out kickin it with my girl.
(Girl) : Oh really, well I want you to know I still want you and when you get through playing with her, you know where home is

(Man): Look I'll have to talk to you later
(Girl): That's fine, I still love you
(Man) *hangs up*
(Girl): He know he wasup
(Man): I wish this girl would stop calling me, I told her it was over

*Man's new girlfriend* :She not thirsty that bitch dehydrated, and she need a tall glass of move tha eff on!
by Chyna Starr December 7, 2011
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A scam created completely by the government to help bottled water companies sell more water
Oh no, I am Dehydration and I'm going to die
by IhaveHIV January 1, 2021
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One level further than thirsty.
A guy who is thirsty for any period of time longer than 3months and up to 2years.
Extremely desperate to the point where even if his female subject rejects him multiple times he still perseveres in pursuing her. Despite the fact that she is clearly and obviously not interested, he never stops. Beware!!!!
"Girl this guy will not take a hint and get lost!"
"How long has this been going on??"
"Girl.. two years!!!!"
"He ain't thirsty..he dehydrated!!"

by nikkibear August 23, 2014
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Me and my bitch are so thirsty we are now dehydrated and want a couple bottles of water
by [Dillheadthirsty] January 3, 2020
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Being thirsty to a super extended level
Wanting that D so bad, some girls aint thirsty they are Dehydrated (D-Hydrated)
Wendy was so thirsty, she even asked her girls to help her out sealing the deal
Yeah that bitch aint thirsty anymore she is dehydrated, suffering from some serious D-hydration
by Teamwatchyourgirl October 29, 2013
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