Nice, only with an O in it. So its kinda like Noy (as in annoy) + ice {noy+ice} .

Cousin to the words Roice (Rice, such as a car {roy+ice}) and Toight (another form of tight {toy+ight})

Often said by one or many edmondite
That concert we went to was pretty Noice!

Man, that is one Roiced out civic.

Her ass looks Toight in those jeans.
by Scotty Dub May 31, 2005
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Nice + choice = Noice
Girl: What are you doing with your hand?
Boy: Checking for diseases.... <_<
Boy's friend: Noice
by superkomrade February 12, 2011
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It has came from the word nice, but pronounced nooice
"did u see that tv program, it was Noice!!!"
by Andy August 29, 2004
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better than nice, usually used to describe an action or idea, the o is normally elongated and exagerated to make it "noooooooooice"
"dude, noice!", "that z06 is noice"
by pat{tada} September 09, 2006
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An exclamation, for when it seems that one has the world on a string.
Groucho: Hey, here come some twenty-year old blonde co-stars!
Chico: Noice!
by Wasser Tizfiddle October 25, 2004
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