That idiot Redditor who uses UD as a source
That /r/impediment guy sure is dumb for using UD as a source
by 213423rsdvfsdfsa February 12, 2018
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the politically correct term to define an individual intentionally or unintentionally sabotaging your advances with a female
I was unsuccessful in courting that attractive female last night all because this one poultry impediment wouldn't leave me alone
by lil kid fucker April 7, 2021
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Texting the wrong word or wrong letter within the word, creating a different meaning. Usually occurs from texting too quickly or due to an altered mental state.
Girl: I'm taking pictures of the waterfall you will love. They're wonderflu!

Boy: I just got over a bad case of wonderflu myself.

Girl: You're a bully. Making fun of little kids with text impediments.
by Two D's August 7, 2009
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An Italian with no hands.
My Italian friend John has no hands, this is a speech impediment for him.
by chuckina May 20, 2009
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A condition that some people have that results in them pronouncing words incorrectly. In addition, others will laugh at them cause it is REALLY REALLY funny.
Bill: Hey, do you have any CHI-WEE-OHS?
Cale: Naw bitch, but I have some cheerios. ole speech impediment havin ass.
by Cale Morgan October 16, 2006
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A broken arm or two broken arms in plaster, Originated from the fact that Italians love to make hand actions while speaking.
Guy 1: Awh nasty man, Two broken arms!
Guy 2: I know right, I guess I now have an Italian speech impediment :( .
by The-Love-Doctor March 9, 2012
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