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Beyond the boundaries and exceeding the limits of nice. Spoken with emphasis when describing something particularly awesome.
"That freshly waxed fire truck that was rolling down the street looked really noice!"
by Alpha Ape 7 August 21, 2009
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nice, but better in every way possible.
pronounciation: noyce
-"i just got a really tiny shoe in the mail."
by Scott V April 08, 2006
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Something so amazing that it exceeds the requirements for "nice" and deserves an "o." ; A combination of the meanings of the words "cool," "nice," and "awesome."

If the action/event/person being described did something that deserves much more recognition, the word "nooice" may be used.
Howie Mandealt: Hey everybody! Look at my creative name! It's funny because Howie Mandealt sounds like Howie Mandel who hosted "Deal or No Deal," while I fake hosted "Dealt or No Dealt"


Howie Mandel: Noice
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by howiemandealt June 18, 2019
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Used when someone wants to give the impression they like something and think it's cool, but in reality don't really care.
Person 1 : Hey man just had the sickest time at Jack's party.
Person 2: Noice
Person 1: yeah ikr!!!
Person 1: oh shit yeah you couldn't make it... err cya tomoz
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by SebAveryTV May 06, 2017
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